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About Paris Avenue
Beyond fashion... Think Style. Think unique.

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Entering in Paris Avenue Concept Store Abu Dhabi is like walking in the streets of Paris.

Paris Avenue Is the first and only boutique in Abu Dhabi to offer accessories of uprising designers from around the world: bags, shoes, jewellery, home decor, unique items, books, precious fragrances... For women, men, kids, teens and for your home.

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We source talented designers and brands that reunite design, quality, intemporality, chic, limited series or unique pieces mainly handmade by highly professional craftsmen.
A trendy fashion, at the same time a fashion committed to respecting the artisans of the world, emphasizing recycled eco-responsible materials, handmade, made in France for the most part and where the Made with Love takes on its full meaning.
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Paris Avenue offers you a selection of independent and eco-responsible designers! A super Concept Store where it is good to stop, thanks to a contemporary and warm atmosphere.
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Every product is a timeless piece and appeals to all ages.
The feeling of good taste, the love for beautiful things. This is where luxury differentiates itself because it is something that not everybody can have. Some of our items are unique. Others only exist in very few copies
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Paris Avenue Concept Store is not just about fashion, but also about style : an alternative way of shopping. An unmissable address to discover and rediscover on Abu Dhabi!
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  • Numa
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  • Letterpress
  • Madamemo
  • Benchimol
  • Pia Rossini
  • Jalda
  • Anne Charlotte Goutal
  • Souslespavesparis
  • Hurbane
  • Barnabeaimelecafe
  • Lescakesdebertrand
  • Paulette et Simone
  • Bonjourmoncoussin
  • NEW
    Dr Vranjes
  • Beads
  • Usluairlines
  • Nakamol
  • Esteban
  • Jules Pansu
  • Baobab
  • Giacomorelli
  • Mashakeja
  • Spektre
  • Modalu
  • Mybiotufilbag
  • Tsuru
  • Wildwolf
  • Unsoiralopera
  • Josefinaferroni
  • Mens Society
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